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Answering Your Domestic Violence FAQs

Domestic violence is rarely straightforward. Alleged domestic violence often happens behind closed doors with few to no witnesses. Both parties find their personal lives spread out before strangers. You are likely already stressed and have many questions. Fortunately, our attorneys have answers.

The attorneys at Florida Defense Team, are highly experienced and able to review your case. For a confidential appointment to review your case, call our Orlando office at 407-800-2000 or send an email to our firm.

This list is meant to help you understand domestic violence cases generally. For specifics about your case, you will still need to speak with a lawyer.

What Are Some Behaviors That May Be Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence can come in many forms and vary by state. Some Florida-based examples include repeated unwanted contact — even calls, texts, emails and interactions on social media; actual physical violence; emotional abuse; and more.

What Happens If I Am Convicted?

There are many consequences for a domestic violence conviction. In addition to restraining orders, you may face potential jail time. You can lose your ability to own firearms, even those you already own. And the presence of a conviction can impact your career, renting options, and social and family life.

What If I Am Wrongly Accused?

You need to consult an attorney to build a defense. Your attorney will need to be able to show you are telling the truth about what happened. This can be very tricky and an experienced attorney is your best option going forward.

My Spouse/Partner Has Told Me I Can Move Back In, But There Is A Restraining Order In Place. What Do I Do?

Do not move back in. You will be in violation of the restraining order, which can mean you could go to jail. You need to address this through the legal process. Do not act without taking the proper steps. Anytime that something bad happens, your partner could call the police and have you arrested.

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