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Criminal defense attorneys are a powerhouse of resources. They are capable of providing expertise and guidance during a difficult time following an arrest. Even if your case seems straightforward, there are many consequences that can arise if you do not have an attorney at your side to assist you. Hiring a defense attorney can make the difference in your case between a minor offense on your record or serious jail time. Take the time to look at some of the reasons a criminal defense attorney could benefit you.

An Intimate Knowledge of the Judicial System

Navigating the legal system is an already difficult task, but having to do that while under the pressure of an arrest is something that you should not have to go through alone. The benefit of having an Orlando criminal defense lawyer is that they understand the legal system because they are a part of it and have to work within it every day. A good defense attorney will be able to guide you through the process as well as give you insight into how the process works so that you do not feel like you are out of the loop.

Working Relationships With Prosecutors

It may seem counterintuitive that your criminal defense attorney has a good working relationship with the people they are opposing, but this is actually a vital part of the process. Think of it this way: getting your work is a lot easier when your co-workers cooperate, right? The same mentality goes for the criminal justice system. When everyone has good communication and a sense of civility, you are able to get more accomplished. Attorneys who have good relationships with prosecutors can negotiate better plea deals or more affordable bonds. 

Not Their First Case Like Yours

The most beneficial aspect of having an experienced criminal defense attorney is that they are going to have experience with cases similar to yours. While this may be the first time that you have ever had to deal with your particular case, chances are very good that your attorney has gone through cases similar to yours dozens of times. This means that they can help you navigate the process with ease, and they know the ways to get your case resolved in the best possible manner. They will be able to navigate the system like a seasoned veteran which can help your case get taken care of faster.

Can Reduce Penalties You Face

Your entire future can be impacted by charges levied against you. Your job could be in jeopardy, and you may even be in danger of going to jail. The financial impact of an arrest is extensive and can continue to affect you for years to come. This means that having someone at your side who could help you fight these charges is critical in keeping your future on the right track. The right attorney is going to fight for you to try and get your charges reduced, your penalties lessened, and they may even be able to get your case dismissed. 

Ultimately Save You Money

It can be easy to think that hiring a lawyer is going to be more expensive than simply going it alone. However, that is short-sighted thinking. When you consider the long-term view, you will see that not having an attorney can cost you much more than you expect. Think about the possibility of you losing your job. Even just the financial strain of having to miss time off work to attend trial could equate to the cost of hiring a lawyer. An experienced lawyer can keep you from having these financial losses and ultimately save you money. This is especially true when you think about the long-term effects that your case can have on your record. Your lawyer may be the only thing standing between you and a potential job.

Better Equipped to Assess Law Enforcement Conduct

Law enforcement has a duty to uphold certain procedures when they are processing an arrest. If they do not follow these proper procedures, this tarnishes your case. A good criminal defense attorney will be able to go through the entire process and make sure that no evidence has been tampered with, no witnesses have been coerced, and nothing else is out of place. Even something simple as the process by which an officer gathers evidence is highly controlled. Your attorney can make sure that they follow the procedure accurately because if they did not, you could have the entire case dismissed.

Give You Possible Outcomes

A criminal defense attorney is first and foremost a strategist. This means that they can assess every aspect of your case and determine what possible outcomes are available given the evidence and circumstances presented. An experienced criminal defense attorney can paint a realistic picture of your possible penalties and what options are available to you to lessen those penalties or accept them as they are. Your attorney will fight when it suits you best, but they will also know when the fight is over so that you can rest and move on with your life. Your lawyer will be able to have those honest conversations with you so you do not continue in an endless trial.

Need a Top Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer does not have to be a difficult task. There are many options here in Orlando, but what matters is that you get a lawyer that will do their best to ensure that you get the outcome that you deserve. What does that mean? It means looking for someone with experience and expertise in the particular case that you are dealing with.

Searching for someone like this does not have to take up your valuable time when you use Florida Defense Team. Florida Defense Team is one of the top Orlando criminal defense lawyers and, as such, we strive to serve you and make sure your case is resolved properly. If you are interested in learning more about what we do and how we could help you, contact us at Florida Defense Team today