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Your Options As A First-Time Offender

You made a mistake. It is easy to do. Maybe you got caught up with a bad crowd; maybe you just had a little too much to drink. Unfortunately, you are being charged with a crime and those charges can have serious and long-lasting impacts on your life.

A conviction can lead to:

  • Loss or suspension of professional licenses
  • Inability to access housing
  • Loan or employment denials

The good news is that, as a first-time offender, you are likely eligible for diversionary programs or other options, like rehabilitation options and expungement, which can limit the negative consequences for conviction, and in some cases, even keep a criminal conviction off your record.

Types Of Diversion Programs And Alternative Options

If this is your first interaction with the courts, you are probably intimidated and unsure of your options. Our firm’s lawyers promise never to exaggerate or minimize the impacts of your charges. We also promise to help you explore all the legal options available so that you can make an informed decision about your future.

In Florida, many first-time offenders have options to lessen the impact of their case. These include:

  • Pretrial diversion programs, which keep a charge off a person’s record if they comply with all of the program’s requirements
  • Mental health diversion, which helps people addicted to drugs or alcohol get treatment in order to avoid having to serve a lengthy jail sentence or face tough penalties
  • Expungement, which removes a conviction and record of time served from your criminal record under specific circumstances

Every case is different, and the judge will look at the details of your specific case to identify what options you are offered.

Hire An Attorney Who Can Guide You

Florida Defense Team, is an Orlando-based practice focusing on criminal defense. We have years of experience defending first-time offenders across the region. We help hundreds of people in your situation every year; we can guide you through diversion and other alternatives to sentencing.

To speak with our attorneys about your situation, call our office. Dial 407-800-2000. We are also available online through our contact form.

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