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Know Your Rights If Charged With Drug Possession

Drug possession is not a minor charge. While not as severe as other drug charges, a conviction can still have a serious impact on your life. You do not have to plead guilty and accept the penalties. You can fight the charges with the help of a dedicated attorney.

At Florida Defense Team, we have more than a decade of drug possession defense experience. Our lawyers defend against charges of:

We also defend against related charges, including possession of drug paraphernalia and possession with intent to sell or distribute.

Actual Drug Possession Or Constructive Possession?

Actual drug possession means that the accused was caught with drugs in hand, in pockets or somewhere on his or her body. People often think that the evidence against them is strong in these cases, but there are still questions of illegal search and seizure that could lead to evidence being thrown out or cases being dismissed.

Constructive possession means that the drugs were not found on the accused, but were in a place where the accused had control of them. In drug cases, this is frequently a car. Police may have found drugs in a glove compartment, in the trunk or elsewhere in a car that the accused was driving. Our attorneys know that many questions must be asked in these cases: Who owned the car? Who previously drove the car? Who else was in the car at the time of the traffic stop? The answers could reveal major flaws in the prosecution’s case. We will find those flaws and build a strong drug crime defense strategy.

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