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Understanding The Impact Of Reckless Driving Tickets

A charge of racing or reckless driving in Florida is substantially more serious than a basic speeding violation or other traffic ticket. Even a first-offense conviction for “racing on highways” carries a full one-year driver’s license revocation, and a first-time reckless driving conviction without any special circumstances can bring a major fine and potential jail time.

If you depend on a commercial driver’s license (CDL) for work or simply have a compelling need to drive for employment and family purposes, you are likely most concerned about that privilege. If you have prior offenses on your record or were involved in an accident, you may also be facing personally crippling penalties such as vehicle impoundment or forfeiture and a felony criminal record.

At Florida Defense Team in Orlando, we want you to understand all likely consequences and viable options for avoiding them, so that you can make sound decisions you do not later regret. Attorney Lisa Figueroa and the rest of our team bring an in-depth understanding of the relevant laws and defense strategies that work to each case we handle.

All-Out Traffic Crimes Defense Or Negotiation For A Manageable Outcome

Florida state laws against racing and reckless driving are broad and highly subject to interpretation. Police have great discretion in how traffic arrests are charged. Any hope of saving your driver’s license and avoiding other harsh consequences may depend on your Orlando street racing defense attorney’s skill in:

  • Challenging law enforcement’s account of what actually occurred on the road and whether it merited a charge of racing — or exhibited the willful disregard for public safety that defines reckless driving
  • Negotiating for a reduction of the charge to a traffic infraction in order to avoid or reduce consequences such as the loss of your license and dramatically increased insurance costs
  • Providing comprehensive defense if you are facing multiple charges such as counts of both reckless driving and driving under the influence (DUI)

Do You Need A Kissimmee Area Reckless Driving Defense Attorney? Charged With A Serious Driving Offense In Central Florida?

The best approach to your street racing or reckless driving charge will depend on many factors, ranging from the evidence against you to your specific personal priorities. For a free consultation with Lisa Figueroa, a respected defense lawyer who will take the time to examine your case and deliver caring, practical guidance, contact our firm today.

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