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Why You Need To Defend Yourself Against Drug Trafficking Charges

Florida state and U.S. federal drug laws are strict at all levels. Drug possession is an extremely serious charge in its own right, but any arrest for drug trafficking, drug importation, manufacture, sales, delivery or smuggling can be an even more permanent, life-altering setback.

Whether you are accused of growing marijuana, selling cocaine or dealing in prescription drugs, it is essential to contact an Orlando drug trafficking defense attorney dedicated to protecting your rights as soon as possible. Talking to police or federal agents without knowledgeable legal counsel can lead to far more devastating consequences than you might otherwise receive.

Dedicated, Resourceful State And Federal Drug Crime Defense In Central Florida

Attorney Lisa Figueroa is a strong constitutional rights advocate who makes tenacious drug crime defense a clear priority. She handles cases in both state and federal courts. Our firm’s defense capabilities cover the spectrum of major drug allegations such as:

  • Trafficking in marijuana, powder or crack cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin or other narcotics
  • Illegal possession, delivery or trafficking in prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Hydrocodone, Xanax and others
  • Alleged involvement with a marijuana grow house, meth lab or other drug cultivation/manufacturing operation
  • Transporting illegal narcotics or prescription drugs across state lines or international borders

You may be facing a charge that could put you in prison for many years. You may be charged with felony drug sales or trafficking based solely on your possession of a certain amount of a controlled substance — even if you never sold to anyone. Asset forfeiture becomes an issue in many drug cases.

You need a lawyer who will thoroughly analyze the evidence against you, force the prosecution to prove its case and consider every available angle for avoiding conviction or negotiating reduced consequences. If you were subjected to an illegal search and seizure, for example, we at Florida Defense Team will do everything in our power to prove exactly that.

Do You Need A Kissimmee Area Felony Drug Charges Attorney? Were You Lawfully Arrested And Charged, Or Were Your Rights Violated?

There is no time to lose if you are facing drug charges or trying to help a loved one. For a free initial consultation to discuss what happened and where to go from here, please call our firm at 407-800-2000. We offer criminal defense counsel in both English and Spanish.

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