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Shoplifting Charges Can Carry Strong Penalties

People from all walks of life and economic circumstances can find themselves facing theft charges. A moment of poor judgment, financial pressures or even mental health issues can lead to a shoplifting arrest. In other cases, security or law enforcement personnel misread circumstances and unjust arrests occur.

Whether you are accused of taking a $10 item from a Disney World gift shop, stealing an electronic device from a retailer or committing any other theft offense, facing the charge alone could be a mistake you regret for years to come. At Florida Defense Team, you will receive personally attentive, practical representation focused on protecting your record and your future. Our work together can begin with a free consultation.

Skilled Representation To Protect Your Record And Future Prospects

It is essential to consider both the immediate and long-term impact of any theft conviction. The fines and costs involved are far from the only factors to take into account. For most people facing a theft charge, a criminal record likely to severely limit job opportunities is the single greatest concern. You could also receive a lengthy driver’s license suspension.

This is true whether the property involved is valued under $300 and the charge is petit theft or you have been charged with grand theft for stealing something more costly.

Your decision to turn to a skilled Orlando retail theft defense attorneys could make all the difference. Attorney Lisa Figueroa will offer straightforward answers and clear guidance based on extensive experience in courts throughout Central Florida. Her experience includes results-driven representation of people facing:

  • Petit theft (sometimes spelled “petty” theft) charges for stealing goods worth $300 or less
  • Grand theft charges for taking a higher-cost item or felony prosecution as a repeat offender

Do You Need A Kissimmee Shoplifting Defense Attorney? Arrested For Petit Theft Or Grand Theft In The Greater Orlando, Florida, Area?

Our firm is a proven criminal defense resource for University of Central Florida (UCF) college students, visitors to the Orlando area and residents from all occupations and backgrounds. Accomplished lawyer Lisa Figueroa speaks fluent Spanish as well as English, and she has dedicated her career to helping people overcome legal challenges and move forward in life.

To discuss your legal problem and the best available approach to it based on your individual situation, please call 407-800-2000 or send us an email now.

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