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Here to Serve…
Not to Judge!

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Helping You Clear Your Criminal Record

Many people with arrests and past convictions on their Florida criminal records have questions about whether those records can be sealed, eliminated or removed from public view. In an era when computerized background checks are routine for nearly every employer, a mistake you made long ago — or even a mistake by law enforcement — can hold you back in critical ways.

Guidance And Representation For People Facing Problems Due To Past Arrests

In Florida, expungement and record sealing are available under certain circumstances. Especially given today’s extreme economic pressures, your decision to contact Orlando criminal record expungement attorney Lisa Figueroa and her team to discuss your eligibility could be a vital step for your future. Our firm also provides vigorous criminal defense, always with an eye toward preserving our client’s right to eventual expungement or record sealing if possible.

Only a knowledgeable lawyer can effectively evaluate your likelihood of success in pursuing:

  • An expungement — essentially, complete removal of a case from your record and police files — if your case was ultimately dropped or dismissed
  • Record sealing if you entered a plea
  • An appeal of your conviction to the appropriate court if a judicial error occurred or you were otherwise unjustly convicted and sentenced

Do You Need A Kissimmee Area Record Sealing Attorney? Questions About Criminal Record Expungement In Central Florida?

At Florida Defense Team in the heart of Orlando, we go the distance for each client we serve. If reopening a past case is necessary, we know how to take that critical step. You can count on direct, clear counsel on whether we believe we can accomplish your goals involving expungement, record sealing or an appeal.

Attorney Lisa Figueroa and her legal team will personally evaluate your situation, and our work together can begin with a free initial consultation. For guidance in either English or Spanish, call 407-800-2000 or send us an email today.

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