Here to Serve… Not to Judge!

Here to Serve…
Not to Judge!

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Florida Defense Team, was founded by attorney Lisa Figueroa, who knows from first-hand knowledge the difficulties that loved ones face when dealing with the criminal justice system. She began her career more than a decade ago, serving first as a public defender before forming the law firm to provide dedicated criminal defense and family law representation in Orlando.

We Are On Your Side. Always Have Been. Always Will Be.  

Some criminal law attorneys begin their careers as prosecutors, where their job is to punish people and to put people in jail. We have always been on your side and always will be. Right out of law school, our founding attorney became a public defender because her heart has always been in helping people, not punishing them. The same is true for everyone at our law firm. Every day, we work with people who made mistakes or were wrongfully accused. We put our hearts and our experience into getting them through these difficult situations.

Our attorneys grew up knowing what challenges divorce brings, what it is to have loved ones lose their freedom behind bars, and what it felt like when it seemed that no one wanted to listen. Not only have they each faced injustice, they have seen so many others face injustice on so many levels and yet there seemed to be no one to speak for them. This firm was founded to be your voice. We understand and feel your pain and will use that to fuel our fight to help you with your legal issue. And we will not be the type of attorneys that will only help if you pay some exorbitant fee playing on your fears or vulnerability like other lawyers sadly do.

Our mission has always been to lawyer from the heart, and to always keep those things in consideration. Our fees are fair and reasonable, and we also embody the heart behind our motto, “Here to serve not to judge.” Because we know, “there but for the grace of God, go I.”

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