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What Happens When Charged With Counterfeiting?

Counterfeiting is a serious crime in Orlando and throughout Orange County and all of Florida. Prosecutors take aggressive action against people accused of making, distributing or using counterfeit credit cards. Cases may also involve other types of counterfeiting, including counterfeit car titles, counterfeit driver’s licenses and more. A conviction for one of these crimes can result in incarceration and fines, as well as a lasting criminal record.

At Florida Defense Team, our attorneys understand the nuances of these criminal charges. We have handled cases involving hotel key cards and gift cards being encoded with stolen credit card numbers, as well as cases involving counterfeit car titles being used to sell stolen cars. In these cases, counterfeit charges are often accompanied by fraud charges such as credit card fraud. We have more than 10 years of experience providing multi-layered defense strategies to address multiple related criminal charges.

Was There Knowledge And Intent?

Law enforcement wants to get to the top of the chain, to the individual who is making counterfeit gift cards or hotel key cards with fraudulent credit card information. However, it is often the lower-level participants who get swept up in criminal charges. These people may not even know that they are committing a crime. For example, someone may have simply purchased a gift card from someone in front of a store. The purchaser of the gift card may have no knowledge that the card is actually a counterfeit credit card. He or she may have no intent of committing a crime, but may be charged with this serious crime anyway.

Our lawyers will review your case carefully. We will design a solid defense strategy. If you had no knowledge or intent to commit a crime, we will use that as the foundation. No matter what evidence they have against you, we are ready to fight it.

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