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What Happens If You Are Charged With Drug Cultivation Or Operating A Grow House?

There is a great deal of confusion about the severity of marijuana cultivation charges. These are serious drug charges, and they grow more severe as the quantity of plants involved increases. Furthermore, people charged with drug cultivation are also at risk of greater charges, such as drug trafficking or intent to traffic. Even if your case involves only a single plant, you could face serious penalties. You need a skilled lawyer on your side.

At Florida Defense Team, we understand how cases involving drug cultivation and grow houses unfold. They are often triggered by a power company noticing an unexplained spike and reporting it to police. Police then investigate and discover the grow house. Unfortunately, there is often a great deal of confusion in terms of who to charge. Innocent tenants may be charged, even though they may not know what is going on at the property. The drug charges could be accompanied by charges like theft of utilities for stealing electricity.

The complexity of these cases means that an attorney must have experience. We have more than a decade of experience handling challenging drug cultivation cases.

There Are Defense Strategies In Grow House Cases

One of the first things we will look at in these cases is how police obtained and executed the warrant. What was the basis for getting the warrant? Did the police claim to smell drugs? Did they overstep the bounds of the warrant? Were the accused’s constitutional rights violated in the process? The answers could reveal flaws in the case against you, and we will shine light on those flaws to request that evidence be thrown out or the case dismissed.

There are also questions about who owned the house. Was the owner charged? The landlord? A renter? Someone who was staying at the property temporarily? If you were charged wrongly, we will work hard to straighten this out.

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