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Here to Serve…
Not to Judge!

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Helping You Defend Against Manslaughter Charges

If you have been accused of manslaughter, you need an advocate on your side to make certain your story is told and to protect your rights. At Florida Defense Team in Orlando, we have more than a decade of experience defending people in Florida against these serious criminal charges. We know that these cases always involve tragic circumstances. We also know that these tragedies are often the result of accidents, rather than crimes. With thorough case preparation, our lawyers work to pursue minimal penalties in these life-changing cases.

Accidental Shootings

Our attorneys are prepared to handle cases involving accidental shootings. These cases may involve gun-cleaning incidents, incidents in which guns were left unlocked and loaded in areas where children were present, and other scenarios. In these cases, the victim was often a friend or family member of the accused. The accused may want to plead guilty, thinking that is the most appropriate option. We encourage everyone accused of manslaughter to discuss the case with us. There may be options available to mitigate charges and reduce penalties.

DUI And Vehicular Manslaughter

Many manslaughter cases involve drunk driving. The accused may have hit another vehicle while driving drunk, killing the driver or a passenger in the other vehicle. Perhaps there was no collision with another vehicle, but a loss of control that led to the death of a passenger in the same vehicle. Whatever the case may be, we will work hard to see that the accused’s story is told. We will work hard to obtain a fair outcome.

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Have you been accused of causing a car accident that resulted in someone’s death or of some other form of manslaughter? Call us at 407-800-2000 or send us an email to find out how we can take action on your behalf. Email messages are submitted directly to an attorney.

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