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Here to Serve…
Not to Judge!

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Criminal charges related to domestic violence are as various as the circumstances that give rise to allegations. Sometimes tempers simply flare; other times, an individual is accused of planning and intentionally committing abuse; in still other cases, the allegations are false. The reality for anyone facing a domestic violence or battery charge is that a strong criminal defense will be necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.

At the Figueroa Law Firm, we represent clients who are accused of domestic violence. These cases can be extremely complex, as there are always multiple sides to the story. For an accused individual, a well planned and aggressive defense may be the difference between jail time and a positive solution that allows the individual to move on peaceably with his or her life.

With national headlines focusing on professional athletes and others accused of domestic violence, prosecutors are aggressively seeking the severest penalties for an alleged offense. Overcharging does occur, however, and not everyone accused of domestic abuse is guilty.

In some cases, it is possible to have the charge dropped altogether, while other cases may call for a reduction of charges. The penalties for a domestic violence conviction range from probation to prison time, so the stakes are certainly high. Domestic violence convictions also frequently affect family law issues.

Often people facing criminal charges in Florida are not fully aware of their rights. A criminal defense attorney can clarify your rights and obligations, as well as protect you from the consequences of inaccurate or false charges. You can learn more about these matters by visiting our Orlando Domestic Violence overview.