Here to Serve… Not to Judge!

Here to Serve…
Not to Judge!

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Charged With A Crime In Orlando While Visiting?

Orlando is an extremely popular vacation destination, with several different options available. You have come to spend your days at the amusement parks and your nights relaxing with drinks at the pool. It is all too easy to overindulge and find yourself charged with driving under the influence or with a drug possession charge.

Tempting as it is, you cannot just go home and ignore a criminal charge.

An outstanding criminal charge will follow you home and can result in a warrant, limitations on your ability to travel or other serious legal consequences.

Defending Against A Host Of Criminal Charges

You do not deserve to have your life derailed just because of a mistake you made on vacation. Experienced legal guidance can help you take action and address your legal issues before they become serious. With our extensive previous criminal defense work, you can stop worrying about your legal future. Instead, our attorneys address your problems head on.

We help people throughout Florida, including college students and visitors, with legal problems, such as:

A lawyer can be the difference between a simple resolution to a criminal charge and long-term consequences for a mistake.

Defend Yourself. Work With Our Firm.

At Florida Defense Team, our legal team is always honest with you. We make sure you know what to expect and how the criminal justice system can impact your life going forward. As our client, we never exaggerate or try to scare you. We only give upfront, practical advice.

You can reach out to our attorneys by calling 407-800-2000. We are also available online, where your confidential email goes directly to one of our attorneys.

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