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Here to Serve…
Not to Judge!

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There is more attention than ever before on domestic violence crimes. For this reason, you need to tread softly to ensure that you are never charged with this crime (among others).

Unfortunately, a domestic violence case can come down to a “he said she said” argument. Furthermore, this is often associated with other crimes, including but not limited to:

— Stalking

— Kidnapping

— Harassment

— Criminal trespass

— Assault and battery

Along with these, there are situations in which domestic violence includes more serious crimes, such as spousal rape and sexual assault.

If you are charged with domestic violence or another similar crime, your freedom is at risk. On top of this, your reputation could be ruined forever.

Due to the fact that authorities are attempting to crack down on domestic violence, it is possible for an individual to be charged based simply on what somebody else says about them. This may not be fair, but it is possible and is more common than many believe.

If you are charged with domestic violence, make sure you understand your legal rights.

When you contact our law firm, you never have to worry about confusion setting in Instead, we will explain your rights, examine the evidence in the case, and implement a defense strategy that will work in your favor.

Don’t wait to contact us following a domestic violence arrest. You can get in touch online or via phone. Either way, when you have our team on your side you will feel better about your situation and what will happen in the future.