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Prescription Drug Crimes In Florida

It is important to understand that drug charges involving prescription medications are just as serious as any other drug charges. If you have been accused of possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription, sale of prescription drugs, prescription drug fraud or any other illegal prescription drug charge, you are at risk of life-changing consequences.

At Florida Defense Team, our attorneys bring more than a decade of experience to these unique cases. Often, doctors, nurses and pharmacists are accused of these crimes. When a career is on the line, our law firm acts with great care to obtain the best possible outcome. Based in Orlando, our services are available to clients throughout Florida.

Mail Fraud And Prescription Drug Websites

Our lawyers are skilled at defending against multiple charges in complex cases. In prescription drug crime cases, it is not unusual for someone to face one or more drug charges, as well as fraud charges. We have handled cases involving the purchase or sale of prescription drugs through the mail via illegal websites. We have handled cases involving conspiracy charges and so-called pill mills in which doctors and other medical professionals allegedly worked together to sell prescription drugs illegally.

We handle cases involving prescription drugs of all kinds, including:

  • Oxycontin
  • Vicodin
  • Xanax
  • Adderall

No matter how challenging your case seems or how strong the evidence against you may appear, we know how to prepare a strong defense strategy to protect your rights and minimize the impact of the charges you face.

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