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Illegal drugs are a constant source of concern for Florida law enforcement. Investigations are conducted to find people who are violating drug laws and are committing state and federal drug crimes. In some cases, an arrest stems from an extensive investigation into alleged drug activity. In others, the charges emanate from something as simple as a probation check. For people who are arrested and charged with drug crimes, it is important to understand the potential consequences.

Officers made several arrests after discovering drugs at two separate residences. A 33-year-old man was suspected of taking part in illegal activity. Illegal drugs were discovered. Deputies got a search warrant and significant amounts of drugs were found. The drugs included cocaine, methamphetamine, cannabis, MDMA (also called Molly), prescription pills and more. These drugs were worth nearly $1 million. He was placed under arrest.

Officers also received a search warrant for another home and arrested a 40-year-old woman and a 41-year-old man on drug charges. There was also a stolen trailer. The man who was arrested in the initial search is believed to be a major drug dealer. The sheriff reiterated a previous vow to aggressively pursue those involved in the illegal drug trade with this series of arrests serving as an example.

Being arrested for drug crimes can result in extensive penalties. This is especially true when there is a large amount discovered and they have substantial street value. The number of drugs, what drugs were found, what the person is alleged to have been doing with the drugs and are considered as the case is prosecuted. People who are charged with drug possession and allegations of selling drugs might benefit from contacting a qualified law firm.