Here to Serve… Not to Judge!

Here to Serve…
Not to Judge!

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Drug trafficking is a big problem in Florida. In order to address the problem, Florida laws have been enacted that take a tough stance against the crime. For the people who are facing these charges, having a suitable defense is of paramount concern. We know that you want your defense to be as tight as possible and that you want to clear your name or minimize the penalties that you are facing.

We advocate for constitutional rights. That often comes into the picture when we are working on a drug trafficking case. Points relating to constitutional rights can apply to federal or state charges. If there are any violations of your constitutional rights, we can determine how we can use those in your defense.

There are some cases in which drug trafficking charges are placed against a person in conjunction with other charges. This is often the case with the person is accused of being in a drug cartel or part of an organized crime ring. We can also help with a defense against the other charges, which might include theft, embezzlement, money laundering, gambling, fraud, murder or bribery.

Drug trafficking in Florida is associated with serious penalties, which can include incarceration and fines. In some cases, asset forfeiture is also possible, which can lead to devastating consequences for you and your family. While it isn’t possible to offer a guarantee to every defendant that he or she will be exonerated on the charges he or she faces, we can guarantee that we will fight to keep the penalties to a minimum in the event of a conviction.