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Adoption By A Relative

There are various reasons in which someone may choose to seek the adoption of their grandchildren, nieces, nephews or other relatives. Each relative child adoption situation is inherently different based upon the unique issues surrounding the adoption request.

In Florida, the adoption of a relative is typically less complicated, handled in a shorter period of time and is less expensive. As opposed to a nonrelative adoption, in Florida, the adoption of a relative does not require specific reports, certain recommendations or favorable home study. In addition, relative adoptions do not require background checks or clearances, and a waiting period does not apply.

The shortened and less complicated process for a relative adoption is important in promoting the Florida legislature’s intent for children to be afforded a permanent family life that supports its preference for placement with relatives with whom a child already has an established relationship with.

Florida Defense Team, represents the legal rights and goals of those involved in adoption by a relative or other family law issues in Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding Central Florida area. For a confidential legal consultation, please call 407-800-2000.

A relative for the purpose of a relative adoption is determined to be those who share the same bloodline, including, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, grandparents, grandchildren, half-brother, half-sisters and great-grandparents.

In some situations, the stepparent may also be allowed to adopt the children of their living or deceased spouse. In this situation, consent of living biological parents or family members may need to be granted and confirmed to be allowed to seek the adoption of a stepchild.

Whatever the reasons may be for seeking the adoption of a child who is related, it should be diligently represented to ensure all aspects of the adoption by a relative process goes smoothly and are navigated properly.

Hiring experienced adoption by a relative attorney may provide you the best opportunity to achieve your desired outcome, or a fair and reasonable resolution.

If you require professional legal services regarding adoption by a relative or other family law issues, be proactive in protecting your legal rights by seeking the legal advice of an experienced Orlando relative adoption attorney. Contact Florida Defense Team, by calling 407-800-2000 or use our online case submission form to schedule a confidential legal consultation.

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