Here to Serve… Not to Judge!

Here to Serve…
Not to Judge!

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Drug trafficking investigations often involve law enforcement agencies from multiple jurisdictions, including local police and federal authorities such as the DEA and Homeland Security. By the time a person is arrested on federal drug charges, you can be certain that authorities have gathered significant evidence.

Still, anyone accused of a federal or state offense is afforded due process under the law. That means you are presumed innocent unless guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and you have a right to mount a criminal defense. If your case is to be heard in federal court, then you would be wise to seek representation from an attorney with experience in defending at the federal level.

Fifteen individuals, some of whom are from the Pensacola area, will need such a defense after being indicted on federal charges. Thirteen of the men are facing federal charges of money laundering and drug trafficking, and the other two men were indicted on federal weapons charges.

All of the defendants were arrested in connection with what authorities say was a drug trafficking ring that moved cocaine from Texas to Florida. It remains to be seen how if at all, each of the men was connected to the transport of illegal drugs.