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Here to Serve…
Not to Judge!

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On May 24, deputies in Florida took a 36-year-old woman into custody on drug charges. The Flagler County deputies had a search warrant for the woman’s home. According to law enforcement, she was selling cocaine from the property.

Allegedly, she was also in possession of narcotics, cannabis and drug paraphernalia. Law enforcement said the woman had been taken into custody before. They also obtained a warrant to search her home in December 2018 after learning she may have been selling drugs there. Reportedly, she had resumed selling drugs after the search.

In an effort to deter the woman’s associates from visiting the home, the sheriff placed a sign in the front yard. It said that the “drug house” was closed and had the sheriff’s name on it. The sheriff said they had been alerted to her activities by reports from people in the community and that detectives then investigated further.

Someone who is facing drug-related charges may want to retain an attorney. These types of charges can lead to serious consequences, including asset forfeiture and jail time. A convicted person might have problems getting some kinds of housing or finding a job. However, a defendant may have alternatives. While one option might be a plea bargain, in which a defendant pleads guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence, there may also be some avenues of defense. An attorney can look into whether the search and seizure were conducted legally and if law enforcement had a search warrant. A substance could be misidentified as an illegal drug, or the drugs might not belong to the person taken into custody.