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Judges and legislators in Florida have announced their intention to apply tougher penalties in domestic violence cases. Two domestic violence bills are currently being considered in the state legislature.

One bill would make no-contact orders take effect immediately, instead of after the accused individual posts bond to get out of jail. The concern is that a person facing domestic violence charges could call and harass his or her accuser from jail, and that the victim might decide to drop the charge as a result.

The second bill relates to the electronic monitoring devices that people accused of domestic abuse sometimes have to wear. The bill would make cutting off or tampering with a monitoring device a third-degree felony.

However, in Orange County, GPS monitoring of domestic violence offenders was suspended in 2013, and passage of the bill is not expected to have an immediate effect in the county.

If you are facing a domestic violence charge, then it is important that you have a full understanding of your legal rights. Much is at stake in these cases, and a criminal defense lawyer with experience in handling domestic violence cases can explain your options and develop an aggressive, detailed strategy for protecting your rights.

Prosecutors are under significant pressure to prosecute domestic violence charges quickly and harshly, so it is crucial that you have an attorney who truly cares about your case, can investigate the allegations, and can aggressively challenge the prosecution’s claims.