Here to Serve… Not to Judge!

Here to Serve…
Not to Judge!

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Doctors and medical professionals accused of health care or insurance fraud face not only possible prison time; these kinds of charges, whether on the state or federal level, can completely end careers and destroy reputations.

The reality, though, is that coding symptoms, diagnoses, procedures, and medications, and then billing for them, is a complex job that requires special training. Mistakes are not uncommon, yet mistakes can lead to criminal charges. If you have been accused of upcoding or some other form of insurance fraud, or if you haven’t been accused but are being investigated, then don’t hesitate to contact a defense lawyer with experience in handling these kinds of cases.

Because Medicaid and Medicare have been defrauded so many times, federal authorities are on high alert, and they are likely to seek the harshest possible penalties when a person is accused of defrauding these public health care insurers. If you are being investigated for allegedly defrauding Medicaid or Medicare, then it is crucial that you have a legal representative who is familiar with federal law, as well as state law.

The insurance and health care fraud lawyers of The Figueroa Law Firm represent clients in Orlando and throughout Florida. Our clients don’t have to wait to be charged in order to come to us for help. We understand the complexities involved in coding and billing insurance companies, and we have the resources to uncover the facts and fight to protect our clients’ interests.

Because so much is at stake in these cases, we prepare each one as if it will go to trial, though in some cases, early intervention from a criminal defense attorney can prevent a charged from even being filed.