Here to Serve… Not to Judge!

Here to Serve…
Not to Judge!

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It is an unfortunate fact of the times we’re living, but more often than not, we see spikes in the number of crimes committed and reported during the holiday season. Though it is supposed to be a time of sharing, caring and spending quality time with loved ones, many times people find themselves facing criminal charges they could never have imagined.

It is not just crimes of robberies, burglaries, or thefts, but also domestic violence and/or battery charges, DUIs, reckless driving, drug offenses and crimes of passion. This is a highly emotionally charged season where it is many times difficult to balance all the things we all have to juggle.  Due to added stress or pressure, many people end up being tempted to do things they wouldn’t have otherwise done, or in an effort to keep up with the Joneses so to speak, people go to any ends to be able to provide what they believe is necessary for their family.

We would just like to caution all who partake in the holiday season and festivities, to not let emotions end up leading you down a road that you never wished to go. Whether it’s marital issues, family drama, or plain economic necessity, while we never judge our clients for mistakes they make or incidents that get misunderstood or blown out of proportion, it is important that cooler heads prevail and we don’t get too wrapped up in anything that can turn negative.  At the end of the day, your family knows you love them regardless of what presents they get, or don’t get. Discussions or arguments should not escalate to physical violence.  And while everyone looks for a means to escape the often harsh reality of their situation, be extremely careful in what choices you make to “escape”, because ultimately that choice can be one that leaves you instead trapped with serious consequences for a split-second decision made.

Remember to focus on all the wonderful and priceless things we have to be thankful for, the things we DO have, rather than all the things that we don’t.  I wish all of you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving holiday!