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Being charged with sex crimes can ruin a person’s life in many ways, starting with reputation. A conviction can produce further consequences — one being labeled a sex offender for life on the National Sex Offender Registry. However, charges do not always have to end in a conviction. Attorneys can sometimes get federal charges reduced or even dropped by putting together an aggressive defense. Often, there is more to the story than appears on the surface.

Recently, however, one man chose to face his charges head-on. Jared Fogle, the man who made Subway known for healthy fast food, has been charged with paying for sexual acts with children, and receiving and distributing child porn. Court documents claim that Fogle has been engaged in this behavior since 2007.

One of Fogle’s personal friends, who was also the executive director of his “childhood obesity charity,” allegedly distributed pornographic images of children to him. Many of the pictures were taken at the friend’s residence. Fogle also traveled to locations while supposedly on business to meet minors for sexual acts, according to the court documents.

Fogle, who is 37 now, was arrested this past Wednesday. Allegedly, he plans to plead guilty and expects to spend some time in jail. The federal charges carry maximum sentences of 20 years in prison for child pornography and 30 years for child sex; however, prosecutors have agreed not to ask for more than 12 1/2 years. Fogle has allegedly agreed to at least five years of prison. The Subway spokesperson also intends to pay restitution to 14 victims to the tune of $1.4 million to assist with counseling and other treatment.

Subway has already cut all ties with Fogle, saying his actions “do not represent our brand’s values.”

Source: The Washington Post, “Jared Fogle charged with paying for sex with minors, possessing child porn,” Abby Phillip and Sarah Larimer, Aug. 19, 2015