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Why You Need To Fight Sex Crime Charges

Sex crimes are intimidating and the thought of explaining the intimate details of your life before a court scares a lot of people away from truly defending themselves. You may feel like just taking a plea to minimize the time spent before a court. Accepting a plea is not always your best option. Even if a plea will work for you, you still need a lawyer to review your case.

Here are just a few reasons why you need to fight sex crime charges:

  • You face jail time
  • You may no longer be able to travel or go to certain places
  • You might have to register with a sex offender database
  • You are in a vulnerable position in future divorce or child custody disputes

Sex crimes can significantly change the course of your life. Do not let this charge ruin your life.

Sex Crimes And The Sex Offender Registry

One of the most serious consequences that come with a conviction in Florida: sex offender registries.

Sex offender registries are highly controversial. They will follow you forever, even if you move or change your name. It does not matter if your crime was 30 years ago or if you are completely reformed.

You cannot risk being haunted by your past for the rest of your life. Hire an attorney.

How Florida Defense Team, Can Help You

If you are seeking legal advice and defense for a sex crime allegation, you need a lawyer who knows how to protect your rights, who understands what evidence is and is not admissible in court and who is willing to step up for your defense. Our firm is there for you.

Our Orlando office is available online or by phone. Dial 407-800-2000 or send us an email. We will address your legal needs and do so confidentially.

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