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There are state and federal laws in place that cover every type of drug crime imaginable. No matter what type of crime is involved, you don’t want this to remain on your record as it can have serious consequences.

It is important to understand the most common types of drug crimes. These include the following:

Paraphernalia. This is used to describe any equipment used to prepare or consume illegal drugs.

Possession. While the laws on possession vary from one state to the next, nothing changes the fact that it is a state and federal crime to possess illegal drugs.

Manufacturing. If you are involved in the production of an illegal drug, you could be charged with the crime of drug manufacturing. This is often coupled with drug delivery.

Trafficking. Drug trafficking laws make it illegal to sell, import, or transport illegal substances. This is typically more serious than drug possession as it generally means that a larger amount of drugs are involved.

Dealing. A common drug crime is when a person sells illegal drugs, usually on a small scale.

While some of these drug crimes are more serious than others, none of them should be taken lightly. Each and every one is a crime on the state and federal level, which can mean serious consequences when a person is convicted.

Since the police are cracking down on drug crimes, it is not uncommon for a person to be charged when they did nothing wrong. Knowing that this could happen will change your outlook on life.

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